Jeff Ferguson

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Jeff Ferguson has pastored First Baptist Church of Lowry City for over 25 years.  Jeff became a Christian at age 19 after a friend invited him to attend their church where the Bible was taught and the gospel of Jesus Christ clearly explained.  Having trusted in Jesus Christ to save him, Jeff then followed the Lord in Believers baptism shortly after. Jeff graduated from the University of Houston with a BA degree in History.  After several years serving in his church in a variety of positions, the Lord called Jeff to attend Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Upon completion of his Master of Divinity degree the Lord called Jeff to pastor & wife Cindy to First Baptist Church of Lowry City in 1998.  Jeff has been married to Cindy since 1984 and they have 2 sons.

Jeff's preaching style is expository, meaning he preaches verse upon verse from the text to draw-out the Biblical meaning and application to our daily lives.  Many have commented that he makes the Bible easier to understand, even difficult passages.  This is due in part to his back ground as a school teacher and having been given the spiritual gift of teaching.

Jeff enjoys teaching Basic Bible Truths in homes as well.  Six, one-hour lessons are available for you and your family at no cost or obligation.  You can contact Pastor Jeff by calling the church at (417) 644-2942.

Church Secretary

Anne Swain

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Anne Swain has served as our church secretary, financial clerk and photographer since 2007.  Feel free to contact Anne at 417.644.2942